Zooming In

I finally got a decent camera and I've been snapping shots around the house and yard. It's a NIKON. I have to admit that we weren't experts on cameras when we bought it, but I think we made a good choice. I don't know much about photography, so don't expect any professional shots... but I had fun taking them!

I was so excited to find that I could zoom in on flowers and actually see some detail. 

Just as I took a photo of the bird bath I got for Mother's Day, one of our furry pets decided she was thirsty.

This is Lucy's teacup holding a flower that broke off of my Mother's Day bouquet. I won't tell you how that happened, but it involved giggling kids kidding around. Anyway, when my first novel, Ruby Among Us, came out, one of my darling readers gave me this beautiful set because it so closely resembled the one my character, Lucy, liked to drink out of. 

And this is the beautiful Mother's Day bouquet from my hubby and kids. I love the detail! So much better than my little camera I used to carry around in the bottom of my purse. Hmm. I wonder if THAT was part of the problem?This one's not going in my purse. 

These are early chives viewed through my garden fence. I love that these babies popped up in early spring even before we plowed the garden. 

I'm a big CBS Sunday Morning fan. I wonder if Charles would like this one?

More chives! Look how pretty! 

What kind of photographer are you? Are you a shoot-it-with-your-cell-phone kind of girl (or guy)? A real pro? Would love links to your blogs if you have some photos of your own to share.

Have a good week everyone!


P.S. If you want to discover Lucy's tea cup for yourself, you can still order Ruby Among Us at Amazon and Christianbook.com.  :-) 

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  1. Hi Tina. Nice pictures. I especially like the dog popping in for a drink.

    I just got my first dslr this year too, and have been enjoying learning how to use it. But I still do carry my small one around town when I'm out and about.


  2. Thanks, Loulou! That's my favorite one, as well. And I guess that carrying your small one can be handy for those unexpected shots. I think I'll use my iPhone for those, although they aren't as clear as my new camera. Have fun with your camera. :-)

  3. What beautiful pictures! I don't have a great camera but Mr. B does so I use his. Most of the time I use my iPhone. I have done some research on how to take good (not great mind you) with it. Thanks so much for sharing this at You're Gonna Love It Tuesday! See you next week?

  4. Thanks, Kathe! I know a lot of people who use their iPhones. I do mine sometimes and it takes okay pics. Thanks for visiting and I'll try to make it back to your Link party. :-)

  5. Beautiful pictures! Makes me excited for summer! Congratulations on your new Nikon. I've had mine for a year a LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


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