An Invitation

Via Pinterest

When I first started 'It Is What It Is,' I wanted to divide my life as a novelist and everything else. I thought I could write about knitting, gardening, and anything about my personal life over here, and at the same time keep my author blog professional by only writing about 'writing stuff' over there. Over the past two years I've realized that I can't separate and compartmentalize my life that way. I am who I am, and so I'll be blogging about anything and everything from writing, to faith, to knitting socks over at Random Ramblings:  http://tinaannforkner.wordpress.com/blog/  From now on, I'm going to be myself and perhaps new possibilities, new stories, and new friendships will unfold. And as long as I'm being myself, I hope you'll check out my books if you haven't already, and please friend me over at Goodreads where I am a novelist and a reader all the time.

 I'm moving on. I hope you'll come with me.